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When visiting Haarlem, be sure not to miss one of the most beautiful historic bookstores in The Netherlands

Bookstore De Vries Van Stockum | a must see during your visit Haarlem

This store consists of 5 historic buildings (dating from approximately 1500 AD), linked through neat little passageways. Why? Because the bookstore that opened its doors in one of those buildings in 1905 wouldn’t stop growing.

This shop does not only sell stories. It is made OF stories - from the roof to the basement where the coals for the fire place still linger in the dust (the fireplace was used in winter until only three years ago), and from the picturesque façade right down to the back wall - the old city wall.

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  • Shop entrance: Jacobijnestraat 7.
  • Parking advice: De Raaks Parkinggarage 
  • For up-to-date information on opening hours, please click the button below

Address and hours

About this historic bookstore

In 1905, Hendrick de Vries started a bookstore in Jacobijnestraat 3. It soon expanded to the four buildings surrounding no. 3 and these new departments were connected to each other - nót by knocking down the walls in between – but by making quirky little passages between them. This way, the store preserved its intimate atmosphere and the building maintained its tell-tale walls. Booksellers are often spotted proudly narrating the store’s history whilst guiding customers and tourists past architectural oddities.

Losing track of time browsing books is no exceptional feat – especially here. But Jeltje de Vries’ smart watch is ticking just fine. “Open-minded enterprising is in our blood. My great-grandfather certainly was. He was the first bookseller in the Netherlands who insisted on leaving the front door open – much to the dismay of his contemporary competitors.” – Jeltje de Vries, great-granddaughter of Hendrik de Vries and current owner of De Vries Van Stockum.

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