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Bookstore De Vries Van Stockum | a must see during your visit Haarlem

This store consists of multiple historic buildings (dating from approximately 1500 AD), linked through neat little passageways. Why? Because the bookstore that opened its doors in one of those buildings in 1905 wouldn’t stop growing.

This shop does not only sell stories. It is made OF stories - from the roof to the basement where the coals for the fire place still linger in the dust (the fireplace was used in winter until only three years ago), and from the picturesque façade right down to the back wall - the old city wall.

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Visit our historic bookstore in Haarlem | Practical info

  • Shop entrance: Jacobijnestraat 7 (open Google Maps location)

  • Parking advice: De Raaks Parking garage. Car entrance at Zijlvest 45 (open Google Maps location). Pedestrian access via Drossestraat (Raaks) (open Google Maps location)

  • Please check this page for up-to-date opening hours

  • English books: our store has a separate section for English fiction, a separate bookcase for English young- and new adult books in the young adult section and a few separate shelves for English childrens books in the children's books section. Non-fiction books are sorted by subject and not by language, but we usually have books in both English and Dutch.

  • Enjoy your bookhaul in Le Petit Cafe, a French bistro connected to the bookstore

About this historic bookstore

In 1905, Hendrick de Vries started a bookstore in Jacobijnestraat 3. It soon expanded to the four buildings surrounding no. 3 and these new departments were connected to each other - nót by knocking down the walls in between – but by making quirky little passages between them. This way, the store preserved its intimate atmosphere and the building maintained its tell-tale walls. Booksellers are often spotted proudly narrating the store’s history whilst guiding customers and tourists past architectural oddities.

Losing track of time browsing books is no exceptional feat – especially here. But Jeltje de Vries’ smart watch is ticking just fine. “Open-minded enterprising is in our blood. My great-grandfather certainly was. He was the first bookseller in the Netherlands who insisted on leaving the front door open – much to the dismay of his contemporary competitors.” – Jeltje de Vries, great-granddaughter of Hendrik de Vries and current owner of De Vries Van Stockum.

Amsterdam Stories € 22,99
Jan Paul Schutten
The Dutch, I presume? € 16,95
Martijn de Rooi
Miffy in the Netherlands € 13,95
Dick Bruna
NL365 - A Year in the Netherlands € 49,99
Frans Lemmens-Marjolijn van Steeden
Lonely Planet The Netherlands € 22,95
Lonely Planet-Williams, Nicola-Blasi, Abigail-Elliott, Mark
Double Dutch € 32,95
Bernard Hulsman
Holland Highlights € 23,50
Izak van Maldegem-Jan Schuurman Hess
Little Kingdom by the Sea € 24,95
Mark Zegeling
The Netherlands in a Nutshell € 28,95
Commissie Herijking Canon van Nederland
The Cycling Paradise € 17,50
Peter de Lange
500 dutch recipes € 12,50
Nicole Holten
Dutch for self-study € 39,99
Hinke van Kampen-Ruud Stumpel
Dutch biking survival guide for beginners € 12,99
Albert Wiglema-Steve Korver
Van Dale Dutch Grammar € 32,50
Robertha Huitema
Stuff Dutch people like € 15,95
Colleen Geske
Dutch dishes € 26,99
Blond Amsterdam
Stuff Dutch people eat € 16,95
Colleen Geske
Stuff Dutch people say € 14,99
Colleen Geske
Sweet & salt € 39,95
Tracy Metz-Maartje van den Heuvel
You know you're Dutch when € 14,50
Colleen Geske
De Dutchionary € 23,99
Gaston Dorren
I always get my sin € 5,99 eBook
Maarten H Rijkens
I always get my sin € 12,50
Maarten H. Rijkens
Hidden Holland € 21,95
Saskia Naafs-Guido Van Eijck
NLXL made in Holland € 49,99
Karel Tomeï-Jacob Vossestein
Het grote Rijksmuseum voorleesboek € 24,99
Marion van de Coolwijk-Arend van Dam-Fred Diks-Imme Dros-Bibi Dumon Tak-Pieter Feller-Thijs Goverde-Hans Hagen-Sylvia Vanden Heede-Marjolijn Hof-Vivian den Hollander-Rindert Kromhout-Sjoerd Kuyper-Joke van Leeuwen-Ted van Lieshout-Koos Meinderts-Mirjam Oldenhave-Francine Oomen-Joke Reijnders-Daan Remmerts de Vries-Jan Paul Schutten-Harmen van Straaten-Edward van de Vendel-Kaat Vrancken-Jacques Vriens
Dutch and their delta € 24,95
jacob vossestein
De bovenkant van Nederland ; Holland from the top 1 € 16,99
Karel Tomei-Han van der Horst
Miffy auf dem fahrrad € 8,95
dick bruna
Over Holland € 40,50
Karel , Tomei
Miffy at the Playground € 9,95
Bruna, Dick
miffy x vermeer € 12,95
Dick Bruna
Miffy the Artist € 13,50
Bruna, Dick
Miffy's Bicycle € 9,95
Bruna, Dick
Miffy at the Seaside € 9,95
Bruna, Dick
Miffy am Strand € 9,95
Bruna, Dick
miffy x rembrandt € 12,95
Dick Bruna
Miffy's Treasury € 21,95
Dick Bruna
The low sky € 20,00
Han van der Horst
Lampie € 11,60
Annet Schaap-Laura (Translator) Watkinson
Dark Rye and Honey Cake € 33,95
Ysewijn, Regula
Choosing Vincent € 24,95
Lisa Smit-Fleur Roos Rosa de Carvalho-Hans Luijten-Anita Vriend-Roelie Zwikker
The Vincent van Gogh Atlas Junioredition € 24,99
Nienke Denekamp-René van Blerk