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The English Bookstore | The Hague

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Monday 12:00 - 18:00
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Online orders | Information and updates

If you’ve placed an order in our webshop, you wil receive updates via email. Unfortunately, for now, the emails are all in Dutch. If you have trouble understanding them, you can always contact our customer service (for postal deliveries within the Netherlands) or our store (if you’ve chosen click & collect). Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally.

Stock information | Book availability

Saw something on our website that you’d like to come and pick up as soon as possible? No problem! Just make sure that the store actually has stock of that item. You can see this on the product page in the “Voorraad in de winkel” block. Stores that have your book on the shelf are green. Stores that don’t have it, are colored red. If The English Bookshop is marked green, and thus your book is in stock there, please also telephone ahead so our booklovers can set it aside for you.

Also, if you're not sure, please call our booklovers at The English Bookstore. They are happy to help!

Because, especially with English pockets, there are sometimes multiple editions and they aren't always linked on our product page when, for instance, a classic is sold by different publishing houses. Our booklovers can help you solve this bookish mystery. You can also click the author name to see all the books that they published. But then again: J.K. Rowling, Rowling, J.K. and Joanne Rowling are all different people. According to computers, that is. So best just to call us!

Contact The English Bookstore in The Hague: 070-30 28 110

The English Bookstore is our pop-up shop in The Hague.
You can find our new all-English bookshop in De Passage on number 24
- a few doors down from our main bookstore (on number 11).

Amsterdam Stories € 22,99
Jan Paul Schutten
The Dutch, I presume? € 16,95
Martijn de Rooi
Miffy in the Netherlands € 13,95
Dick Bruna
NL365 - A Year in the Netherlands € 49,99
Frans Lemmens-Marjolijn van Steeden
Lonely Planet The Netherlands € 22,95
Lonely Planet-Williams, Nicola-Blasi, Abigail-Elliott, Mark
Double Dutch € 32,95
Bernard Hulsman
Holland Highlights € 23,50
Izak van Maldegem-Jan Schuurman Hess
Little Kingdom by the Sea € 24,95
Mark Zegeling
The Netherlands in a Nutshell € 28,95
Commissie Herijking Canon van Nederland
The Cycling Paradise € 17,50
Peter de Lange
500 dutch recipes € 12,50
Nicole Holten
Dutch for self-study € 39,99
Hinke van Kampen-Ruud Stumpel
Dutch biking survival guide for beginners € 12,99
Albert Wiglema-Steve Korver
Van Dale Dutch Grammar € 32,50
Robertha Huitema
Stuff Dutch people like € 15,95
Colleen Geske
Dutch dishes € 26,99
Blond Amsterdam
Stuff Dutch people eat € 16,95
Colleen Geske
Stuff Dutch people say € 14,99
Colleen Geske
Sweet & salt € 39,95
Tracy Metz-Maartje van den Heuvel
You know you're Dutch when € 14,50
Colleen Geske
De Dutchionary € 23,99
Gaston Dorren
I always get my sin € 5,99 eBook
Maarten H Rijkens
I always get my sin € 12,50
Maarten H. Rijkens
Hidden Holland € 21,95
Saskia Naafs-Guido Van Eijck
NLXL made in Holland € 49,99
Karel Tomeï-Jacob Vossestein
Het grote Rijksmuseum voorleesboek € 24,99
Marion van de Coolwijk-Arend van Dam-Fred Diks-Imme Dros-Bibi Dumon Tak-Pieter Feller-Thijs Goverde-Hans Hagen-Sylvia Vanden Heede-Marjolijn Hof-Vivian den Hollander-Rindert Kromhout-Sjoerd Kuyper-Joke van Leeuwen-Ted van Lieshout-Koos Meinderts-Mirjam Oldenhave-Francine Oomen-Joke Reijnders-Daan Remmerts de Vries-Jan Paul Schutten-Harmen van Straaten-Edward van de Vendel-Kaat Vrancken-Jacques Vriens
Dutch and their delta € 24,95
jacob vossestein
De bovenkant van Nederland ; Holland from the top 1 € 16,99
Karel Tomei-Han van der Horst
Miffy auf dem fahrrad € 6,95
dick bruna
Over Holland € 40,50
Karel , Tomei
Miffy at the Playground € 9,95
Bruna, Dick
miffy x vermeer € 12,95
Dick Bruna
Miffy the Artist € 13,50
Bruna, Dick
Miffy's Bicycle € 8,70
Bruna, Dick
Miffy at the Seaside € 10,20
Bruna, Dick
Miffy am Strand € 9,95
Bruna, Dick
miffy x rembrandt € 12,95
Dick Bruna
Miffy's Treasury € 21,95
Dick Bruna
The low sky € 20,00
Han van der Horst
Lampie € 11,60
Annet Schaap-Laura (Translator) Watkinson
Dark Rye and Honey Cake € 33,95
Ysewijn, Regula
Choosing Vincent € 24,95
Lisa Smit-Fleur Roos Rosa de Carvalho-Hans Luijten-Anita Vriend-Roelie Zwikker
The Vincent van Gogh Atlas Junioredition € 24,99
Nienke Denekamp-René van Blerk