Underneath the Earth's Crust

Engels | 29-08-2022
Auteur(s): Mack van Gageldonk
Illustrator: Mack van Gageldonk
Bindwijze: Hardcover
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781605378053
Serie: Wow!
€ 17,95

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From space, the earth looks like a beautiful ball of white clouds, blue oceans, and earth–toned bodies of land. But on the inside, the earth looks very different. Have you ever wondered what’s inside the earth? What exists beneath your feet? Let’s travel to the center of the earth to discover stone caves, geysers, volcanoes, and other magical phenomena. In this second book in the Wow! series, you’ll travel to the mysterious core of our planet. For explorers ages 6 years and up. Wow! This series is full of inspiring animals, plants, and phenomena that are so spectacular that you’ll be left in awe.


Titel Underneath the Earth's Crust
Auteur(s) Mack van Gageldonk
Illustrator Mack van Gageldonk
Productvorm Hardcover
Taal Engels
Uitgever Clavis Uitgeverij
Publicatiedatum 29-08-2022
Afmetingen 269mm x 263mm x 11mm
Gewicht 581gr
ISBN/ISBN13 9781605378053


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