Michael Faraday

Engels | 26-01-2023 | 192 blz.
Auteur(s): Frank , Snyder
Bindwijze: Paperback
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781998901753
€ 20,20

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This man loved mysterious Nature as a lover loves his distant beloved. In this MICHAEL FARADAY is the source of inspiration to people who think that higher education is absolutely necessary to be a renowned scientist like Faraday. Faraday didn't receive a formal education Michael Faraday belonged to the poor family of a blacksmith. His parents were so poor that they were not able to send Faraday to school. Inside you will read about...A Blacksmith's SonFrom Bookbinder to Man of ScienceThe Royal InstitutionElectricityMagnetismFamous FaradayAnd much more! Faraday read a lot of literature throughout his seven-year apprenticeship, and that includes Isaac Watts the Improvement of the Mind which he actively adopted the concepts and recommendations in.He also ended up being intrigued by physics, specifically electrical power.


Titel Michael Faraday
Auteur(s) Frank , Snyder
Productvorm Paperback
Taal Engels
Aantal pagina`s 192
Uitgever Darby Connor
Publicatiedatum 26-01-2023
Afmetingen 203mm x 127mm x 11mm
Gewicht 213gr
ISBN/ISBN13 9781998901753


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