Sex life begins after... 60!

Engels | 03-09-2019 | 146 blz.
Auteur(s): Julia , Morren, Michael , Morren
Bindwijze: Paperback
ISBN/ISBN13: 9788395532429
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Really? Sex life begins after 60? Believe it or not, it's true!
There are those moments in everyone's life when you are "there." Remember that moment when you said "I do," and kissed? The moment when you first held your baby in your arms? The sunset you watched together with your partner, your head on his shoulder? Maybe that great tennis game when you were "on" and couldn't lose?

What do each of those moments have in common? You were "there," right there in the moment. Without a thought for the moment before or the moment after. You were living, really living with every fiber of your being. Living with everything you had.

Those are the best moments in life - what we call "Being Here Now." We can help you bring that into your love life. We are talking about those timeless moments when the world disappears and it's just the two of you sharing your bodies, your touch, your scent, your taste. Living each second fully as it happens. We are talking about toe-curling, mind-exploding white heat as you reach for a glimpse of heaven. We are talking about experiences that leave you spent and breathless and bring a happy smile and a spring to your step for the rest of the day.
Incendiary sex over 60? Yes, you can have it.

You don't need a perfect body. You don't need pointy breasts or firm buttocks or an ever-ready erection. The bodies you have will do just fine. You only need to be able to create that moment where you aren't worried about what you look like or what your partner is thinking or the argument you had with your sister. You just need to Be Here Now.
We can help you with that.

We show you how to temporarily take away the little pains and annoyances that come with life and age, and how to create a space made to hold those moments. We show you how to get out of your own head, how to stop the spinning dialog. We have some exercises to help that we call "Mating Rituals." But you won't need to keep a notebook to remember them, or don the scuba flippers or a spider man outfit. We aren't going to teach you new sexual positions, or complicated fantasies that include whips and handcuffs. Instead we are going to teach you how to create that space where you can be safe, naked, together, and living moment to moment. You can take it from there.
What you will find in this book?

first of all: will you still have an active sex life in your 60's

why do so many women enjoy sex more when they are over 60

why having an active sex life into your 60's can benefit your overall health

what are the natural ways to rejuvenate your sex life for those older than 60

tips for appreciating a healthy and balanced as well as thrilled lovemaking life in to your 60's

why safe lovemaking is still a concern for those over 60 years of age

common Issues to consider if you want to have a Great Sex Life after 60

how to deal with changes in your sexual relationship when you are 60 years old or older

how to experiment with sex even if you are more than 60 years of age

how to talk to your wife about sex

ways to improve your intimacy with your wife and your husband

…and more!

Don't wait. Buy our guide. Your fantastic sex life is beginning NOW!


Titel Sex life begins after... 60!
Auteur(s) Julia , Morren, Michael , Morren
Productvorm Paperback
Taal Engels
Aantal pagina`s 146
Uitgever ESPublishing
Publicatiedatum 03-09-2019
Afmetingen 229mm x 152mm x 8mm
Gewicht 223gr
ISBN/ISBN13 9788395532429


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