Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

Engels | 31-01-2019 | 96 blz.
Auteur(s): Vashti Harrison
Bindwijze: Paperback
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780241346846
€ 13,95

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Meet the little leaders. They're brave. They're bold. They changed the world. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Did you know the treatment for leprosy was developed by a young scientist called Alice Ball? And Josephine Baker- world famous cabaret singer and dancer- was also a spy for the French résistance? Featuring 40 trailblazing black women in the world's history, this book educates and inspires as it relates true stories of women who broke boundaries and exceeded all expectations. Debut author/illustrator Vashti Harrison pairs captivating text with stunning illustrations as she tells the stories of both iconic and lesser-known female figures of black history, including: Nurse Mary Seacole Politician Diane Abbott Mathematician Katherine Johnson Singer Shirley Bassey


Titel Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History
Auteur(s) Vashti Harrison
Productvorm Paperback
Taal Engels
Aantal pagina`s 96
Uitgever Veltman Distributie Import Books
Publicatiedatum 31-01-2019
Afmetingen 221mm x 185mm x 14mm
Gewicht 301gr
ISBN/ISBN13 9780241346846


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