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The Three Crowns

Engels | 03-04-2024 | 187 pagina's


Paperback / softback

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In this edition, Special Detective Chau becomes the apprentice of Detective Chief Inspector Sam Archer, and gets involved in the murder case of another local resident of the village, and even a second related killing. Chau is becoming more experienced by the day and is as sharp as any other detective of the police in the idyllic village of Highfields. In this edition, Special Detective Chau uses all her skills again, and it will turn out that she has even more than before. In this sequel, she and her dog are again of significant importance for solving this crime. The story will ensure that the reader constantly changes his supposed killer, because in this case there are many suspects and many new clues. Phrase from the book; 'A well-executed taekwondo move of Special Detective Chau floored him. With the perpetrator on his back, on the floor, it was now a little easier for Jack to get control of him'.


EAN :9789465014777
Uitgever :Brave New Books
Publicatie datum :  03-04-2024
Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
common.Language :Engels
Hoogte :235 mm
Breedte :155 mm
Dikte :17 mm
Gewicht :328 gr
Status :POD (Beschikbaar als print-on-demand.)
Aantal pagina's :187