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Dutch Kangaroo

Engels | 03-04-2024 | 252 pagina's


Paperback / softback

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The story of this literary thriller is set against the background of the emigration of a Dutch couple in the 1960s. They set off for the other side of the world virtually unprepared, knowing little about life in Australia. Their first stop is the Bonegilla migrant camp, where they only stay a few weeks. After leaving the camp, they try to make a good life for themselves in Port Augusta by working hard. They do well financially, but their marriage is not happy and after a few years they return to the Netherlands with their two young children. The husband turns out to be a tyrant who does not hesitate to impose his will on his wife and family, but for many long years the outside world cannot or will not see what is going on. The main character is Kiki, the daughter. Events in her life are explained by earlier episodes of family life, told in a detached way, as if these episodes had nothing to do with her or her family. Over time, Kiki becomes more resilient. She moves to Amsterdam, away from her family, in an attempt to be free, but this proves difficult. Katja Bongers lives and works in Baarn (the Netherlands).


EAN :9789465013367
Uitgever :Brave New Books
Publicatie datum :  03-04-2024
Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
common.Language :Engels
Hoogte :215 mm
Breedte :135 mm
Dikte :23 mm
Gewicht :346 gr
Status :POD (Beschikbaar als print-on-demand.)
Aantal pagina's :252