Extreme Economies

Engels | 06-02-2020 | 416 blz.
Auteur(s): Davies, Richard
Bindwijze: Paperback
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781784163259
€ 13,50

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To understand how humans react and adapt to economic change we need to study people who live in harsh environments. From war zones, natural disasters and failed states, to aging societies and the challenges of technological advancement, every life in this book has been hit by a seismic shock, violently broken or changed in some way. People living in these odd and marginal places are ignored by number crunching economists and political pollsters alike. Science suggests this is a mistake. This book tells the personal stories of humans living in extreme situations, and of the financial infrastructure they create. Here, economies are not concerned with the familiar stock market crashes, housing crises, or banking scandals of the financial pages. In his quest for a purer view of how economies succeed and fail, Richard Davies takes the reader off the beaten path to places where part of the economy has been repressed, removed, destroyed or turbocharged. By travelling to each of them and discovering what life is really like, Extreme Economies tells small stories that shed light on today’s biggest economic questions, with vital lessons for our future.


Titel Extreme Economies
Auteur(s) Davies, Richard
Productvorm Paperback
Taal Engels
Aantal pagina`s 416
Uitgever Veltman Distributie Import Books
Publicatiedatum 06-02-2020
Afmetingen 198mm x 129mm x 28mm
Gewicht 305gr
ISBN/ISBN13 9781784163259


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